Design This Project Could Generate Crops That Produce Their Own Nitrogen Naturally

A startup company between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks plan to focus on developing crops to not require a nitrogen fertilizer in their soil

Advertising Powder Turns Water Into Gel To Fight Droughts

Agricultural wonder can expand to 500 times it's original size and store water for up to a year.

Innovation Climate Change Is Effecting Australian Wine Crop [Headlines]

The unpredictable weather patterns are having adverse consequences for grapes grown in certain regions.

Luxury Triple Pundit: Global Warming Will Make Chocolate A Luxury Item

Rising temperatures and deforestation threatens the sensitive cocoa plant, the source of chocolate.

Innovation Creating Drought Resistant Crops

A new chemical could help make plants more stress tolerant.

Advertising Facebook App FarmVille Becomes Its Own Web Destination

The most popular Facebook application, FarmVille has launched its own website.