Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Western Union Lets International Amazon Customers Pay With Own Currency

Customers who take advantage of the e-tailor's PayCode option can visit a local WU branch to let the financial institution make the currency exchange for them

Video Making Convenience A Currency

Watch MasterCard’s EVP of North America Marketing & Communications speak at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference on retail’s phygital future

Food & Beverage McDonald's Lets Consumers Redeem MacCoins For A Free Big Mac

The international fast-food retailer created MacCoin giveaways in honor of the Big Mac's 50th, letting consumers exchange the currency for the iconic burger in participating countries

Design What Would Bitcoin Look Like As Paper Money?

Eye-catching designs from artist Matthias Dörfelt translate the digital currency into physical form

Retail Blockchain Company Is Working To Build A Digital Stock Market

Blockchain Capital plans to release their own digital token that investors can purchase to invest in startup companies

Technology Liverpool Receives Its Own Digital Currency

The English city is following in the footsteps of fiscally forward-looking cities worldwide by establishing its own digital payment system

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Startup Is Taking On The Inefficiency Of Currency Exchange

TravelersBox is adding automatic kiosks to airports that facilitate quick and seamless transfer of currency while traveling

Advertising McDonald's Is Accepting Trash As Currency In Exchange For Burgers

An initiative in Stockholm is trying to keep streets clean while satisfying hunger

Retail Startup Wants To Turn Diamonds Into A Modern Currency Alternative

VULT is a new way to make the gems liquid, portable and tradable from anywhere in the world

Innovation Smart Piggy Bank Prepares Kids for A Cashless Future

Clever Kash brings new wave digital currency into the age-old piggy bank

Work Hacked Euro Banknotes Depict Bleak Images of Economic Instability

Artist reimagines paper currency as landscapes of ongoing social turmoil

Technology What Is Bitcoin And How Do You Get Some?

Detailed infographic explains the digital currency

Design US Currency Concept Emphasizes Accomplishments of the Living, Not Dead

Stylish redesign puts collective achievements ahead of famous individuals

Video Explains Bitcoin and How it Can Change the World

Animated short shows how crypto-currencies can shake up the structure of society