Loyalty & Membership Watch: PSFK Customer Service Debrief Video

In our webinar, President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Strategist Conner Dial help us navigate using bots in customer service apps

Work How Co-Automated Workflows Are Increasing Efficiency

Businesses are optimizing their work as well as their services by incorporating AI and chatbot assistance into everyday routines

Health Industry Implications For Chat-Based Customer Service

Brands across industries, from finance to retail and food, are finding ways to improve customer service by incorporating AI chatbots

Retail Live Data: Chat In Customer Service

Data from PSFK's survey on chat defines consumer expectations for immediate, proactive service without sacrificing the human element

Retail The Best Practices For Employing Customer Service Chatbots

As the use of virtual agents expands, research has identified specific ways that companies can optimize the efficiency and value of their chat-based services, from designing an ecosystem experience to giving the customer more control

Loyalty & Membership How AI-Powered Chat Kickstarts Customer Relationships

Intelligent bots can automate outreach and build profiles of new customers, freeing up CX staff to focus on relationship building at a higher level

Interview Interview: When Chat Works Best For Customer Service

Betaworks VC Peter Rojas shares his perspective on the role of chat interfaces in customer service, including their success outside of U.S. markets

Transactions & Payments Why Companies Are Using Chatbots To Court New Customers

Chatbots guide first-time customers through unfamiliar products and services, allowing for more intuitive onboarding and fewer abandoned transactions

Merchandising & Curation How AI Shopping Assistants Are Bolstering Retail Discovery

Chat interfaces from brands and retailers, including H&M and Coty, are powering a new wave of conversational commerce

Delivery & Logistics 3 Ways Businesses Are Incorporating Assisted Self-Service With Chat

Companies are optimizing their services and growing their businesses by offering customers chat-based assistance for immediate needs

Health Interview: How Chat Augments The Healthcare Experience

HealthJoy founder and CEO Justin Holland spoke to PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes about using chat interfaces to make healthcare a more human experience

Loyalty & Membership 4 Key Strategies For Brands To Optimize Business Operations With Chatbots

Chatbots will allow businesses to cut costs, conserve resources and more efficiently meet today's consumer expectations for on-demand and personalized service

Loyalty & Membership How Consumer Expectations For Service Are Changing

Conversational AI is rising to meet consumer expectations for assistance that is immediate, personalized and available at all times

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Launches The Customer Service Debrief!

We are pleased to share our latest report—the Customer Service Debrief—a how-to guide for businesses to optimize their use of bots