Design How Biohackers Are Pushing Their Bodies To The Next Level

Recent advancements in technology are enabling a new generation of biohackers

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Cyborg Implant Lets People Sense Orientation Like A Compass

North Sense vibrates each time it faces the Magnetic North

Technology Perceiving Reality In New Ways [PSFK 2013]

Neil Harbisson discusses his life as a human cyborg.

Work Researchers Merge Living Cells With Nanowires To Create Functional 'Cyborg' Tissue

A Harvard research team has created a method which successfully combines functional electronics and living biological structures.

Design Color Blind Artist 'Sees' Shades As Sound Through Surgically Implanted Device

Neil Harbisson was born with the ability to only perceive black and white, but has now experienced a full spectrum of the rainbow through his 'eyeborg.'

Technology Internet-Enabled Contact Lense Could Bring You Eye To Eye With Web Surfing

Ongoing research looks into embedding augmented reality technology into contact lenses.

Innovation DIY Anatomy Enters New Territory With 3D Printed Bones

Rapid prototyping has no bones about bringing biology into the age of digital duplicability.

Technology The Google Implant

Google's Chief Economist, Hal Varian, shares his views on the future of search in the next decade.

RatCar: A Rodent Controlled Brain-Machine Interface

An experiment by researchers at the University of Tokyo points to a future where disabled persons could mind-control wheelchair motions.

Advertising Implantable Electronics that Dissolve in the Body

Using thin, flexible silicon electronics attached to a silk substrate, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have made electronics that can almost completely dissolve inside the body.

Technology Contact Lenses Display Information Using LEDs

Scientists at the University of Washington are working on a new breed of contact lenses with embedded LEDs which allow information to be displayed to the wearer.