Advertising Google Prank Pushes For Self-Driving Bicycles In Amsterdam

Google Amsterdam posted a video of the unique technology as an April Fools Day prank

New Yorkers Are Using Crowdsourcing To Shame Anyone Who Blocks A Bike Lane

The publicly available map provides an outlet for cyclists to vent their frustrations and help build a safer city

Automotive Volvo Buses Detect And Honk At Unaware Pedestrians

The Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System monitors the vehicles' surroundings at all times

Technology Engineering a GPS System Specifically for Urban Cyclists

Handlebar compass forgoes turn-by-turn navigation for "fuzzy navigation"

Design Bike Storage Doubles As Co-Working Cafe

A new multi-functional building in Germany offers up more than just a safe place for your ride.

Innovation Projector Bike Light Prevents Cyclists Being In Driver's Blind Spot [Video]

Kickstarter project aims to make bikers more visible to cars and pedestrians.

Design Light-Up Gloves Help Cyclists Indicate Turning Signals

This fashion item helps bikers raise their visibility while riding at night.

Luxury Ride Like a Pro-Cyclist With Shimano's Electronic Gear Shifts [Pics]

The Alfine Di2 is equipped with an advanced system usually found on professional road bikes.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Sweden Plans A Four-Lane Bike Superhighway

The nordic city plans an environmentally beneficial and healthy way to travel between two cities that capitalizes on a strong local cycling culture.

Home Be Rewarded With Shopping Deals By Cycling Or Recycling

Recyclebank allow cyclists and pedestrians to earn points that can be redeemed for discount coupons at participating stores.

Design Smart LEDs Increase Bicycle Visibility And Driver Awareness At Night

Project Aura uses RGB LEDs installed inside bike rims to tell drivers the speed of an oncoming bike. By increasing overall bicycle visibility, the creators hope to decrease the number of collisions.