Daito Manabe

Design Mechanical Installation Mimics Musical Track To Bring It To Life [Video]

Track from Timo Maas mesmerizes you with an Arduino-controlled ball dispenser.

Partner Content Make Art, Music And Even Dance Without Lifting A Finger

Forward-leaning projects that are helping us rethink the body’s physical relationship with digital technology.

Technology Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Digital artist Daito Manabe turns people into controllers for experimental music performances.

Advertising Bright Advertising: LED Smiles Light Up Japan

These unusual accessories are now being used to advertise a winter sale at a Japanese clothing store, Laforet Harajuku.

Technology Laser Hack Paints Haunting Images On Phosphorescent Paint [Video]

Daito Manabe has creatively used laser scanning to paint images that glow in the dark and then fade away.

Innovation The Human Body As A Drum Kit [Video]

Japanese artist and programmer hacks his body to turn it into a electrically stimulated instrument.