Advertising Solange Knowles Created A Spellbinding Dance Performance For Uniqlo

Japanese fashion retailer collaborates with entertainer to develop traveling dance experience

Technology How Dance Is Preparing Minority Students To Pursue STEM

A nonprofit organization is using dance to teach code and empower girls to pursue careers in STEM

Design Arist Weaves Lasers In Virtual Reality Dance Performance

The project is an experiment to see how common VR applications can be channeled to enhance performance art

Colombians Teach Dance To Fund Students' Education

Chocó to Dance is a platform that shows you how to replicate popular Latin dances to help create scholarships for local students

Performance Piece Blends Dancers Into Folds Of Light

The work provides commentary on the increasing connection between programmed and analog dimensions

Design Art Installation Mimics The 5,000 Footprints Of A Dance Floor

Architect Jean Verville's project transforms quiet public spaces into areas of communal movement and color

Technology Dance Reel Shows Motion Capture In Different Textures

Method Design has created a playful video that shows the power of visual effects on the human body

Gaming & Play Audience Takes Center Stage in Virtual Reality Dance Film

Choreography collides with VR, allowing viewers to take in a production from all angles

Gaming & Play World’s Best Dancers Interpret Popular PlayStation Genres

These moves take victory dances to a whole new level

Home Maraca Popcorn Maker Adds Amusement to Popping Kernels

Maracas de Popcorn is a unique popcorn making set that encourages the combination of cooking and dancing

Rag & Bone Fall/Winter Collection Stylized in Dance Performance

DIY-friendly fashion brand promotes upcoming collection through dance

Technology Drones Create A Tech Savvy Modern Dance Performance

Dance troupe Eleven Play choreographed and performed a piece with both humans and unmanned aerial vehicles together.

Work GIF Music Video Animates The Characters Of NYC [Video]

A vintage 3D camera, its work processed digitally, provided the inspiration for a vertigo-inducing video.

Advertising London's Pre-Work Raves Will Replace Gym Sessions [Video]

Early morning parties offer massages and smoothies instead of drugs and alcohol.