Advertising The U.S. Navy Is Asking People To Hack One Of Their Ships

By hosting a series of hackathons, the Navy hopes to find and recruit cyber talent

Technology This Paper Drone Can Fly Farther Than Any Other Carrying Life-Saving Supplies

A lighter, longer-lasting version of the iconic drone can fly farther and faster than any other drone on the market. And it carries life-saving medical supplies.

Technology DARPA is Leveraging AI to De-Clutter the Radio Spectrum

The organization has issued a challenge to the engineering community to incorporate AI in a redesign that will change the very way the spectrum will flow in and out of our gizmos.

Technology The Future of Prosthetics Looks Sensational

DARPA created an artificial limb with a sense of touch

Innovation Armed with Human Reflexes, A Robot May Tackle Tasks Otherwise Too Dangerous

In response to robots' longstanding image analysis shortcomings, HERMES mimics a human's movements via a wireless body unit

Syndicated What Jazz-Playing Robots Might Teach Us About Improvisation

A Darpa grant given to the University of Arizona will fund the creation of musical machines that learn to improvise like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis

Work Pentagon's App Store will Fight Cyber Wars and Manage Your Devices, Too

Now in development, the platform will use an app store style interface for easy navigation

Design Next-Generation Jet Fighter Outfitted With Lasers and Drone Swarms

The new fighter may be a "mothership" for swarms of drone aircraft

Google BigDog Robot Replica Featured in Upcoming Sci-Fi Western

DARPA-funded super robot to appear in science fiction feature film

Editors Pick Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

This week’s innovations include Google Glass in the operating room and an app that lets the infirm crowdsource tasks. Innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Innovation 9 Stories You Need to Know Today

Time Inc. to sell ads on covers, Glasgow School of Art destroyed in fire and tablets continue to creep on PC sales.

Gaming & Play Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

An app that fights childhood obesity and a device that uses the sun to purify water. Innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Design Defense Department To Develop Transforming, Flying Drones [Pics]

ARES, the latest DARPA drone, will be able to attach to several different vehicles, increasing its capability on the battlefield.

Home 11 Things You Need to Know Today

Jewelry ads are flourishing on NFL football, Leonardo DiCaprio has an electric car racing team, and more.