Automotive GM Marketplace Lets Drivers Order Dinner From The Dashboard Of Their Car

The new GM Marketplace allows drivers to order a service from the car's dashboard rather than looking down at their phones

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Design Electric Quadricycle Replaces Side Mirrors With Dashboard Video

Manufacturer debuts the world's first four-wheeled motorcycle powered by electricity.

Luxury Mercedes-Benz Unveils Futuristic Dashboard Controlled By Hand Gestures

The auto-makers' new concept let drivers send messages and book restaurants while driving simply by waving your hand.

Technology Platform Helps Turn Followers Into Customers

A new cross-media platform helps users manage all of their social websites in one dashboard with useful marketing features such as scheduled updates and Klout scores.

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Technology Ford Mustang App Provides Real-Time Performance Metrics

Track Apps utilizes sensors to give instant data to motor enthusiasts.

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Brands like Rolls Royce have to work on the softer end of the tech to really be seen as innovators.

Design Nokia N900 Becomes A Bike Dashboard

Designers Brett and Sarah Peterson have transformed a Nokia N900 into a multi-function bike dashboard.

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Aaron Goldman, author of "Everything I Know About Marketing, I Learned from Google", shares 10 insights he learned from Google.