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Fashion & Apparel Stella McCartney X Google's Supply Chain Analysis Tool Helps Retailers Enable Sustainability

The tech giant and fashion brand are uniting to create a machine-learning tool that will help companies better understand the impact of their raw materials

Analysis How Retailers Like PepsiCo Are Improving Supply Chain Efficiency With Sales Data Optimization

From PSFK's Shopper Data Debrief, here's how three retailers are leveraging in-store purchase data to help inform inventory choices and predict consumer needs

Delivery & Logistics Interview: How Fashion E-Tailer And Recommendation Platform Suggesty Is Enabling Next-Generation International Commerce

Using a hybrid strategy of human-driven and AI curation, Suggesty offers global customers access to lesser-known international designers while enabling lower-than-market prices and premium quality

Beauty How Retailers Like Rent The Runway Utilize Consumer Data For Optimal Innovation

From PSFK's Accelerating Innovation In Retail report, here's how today's brands and retailers are using a data-driven approach to research and development

Brand Activation & Immersion Top DTC Brands Ranked On PSFK Retail Innovation Tracker

This data, gathered via PSFK's Innovation Tracker survey, analyzes today's top direct-to-consumer brands and the strategies that help them succeed

Merchandising & Curation Luxury Fashion Powerhouse Leverages Consumer Data To Respond To Shopper Demand

Tapestry is using the latest technological capabilities to capture consumer information and inform hyper product customization

Work VR Program Immerses Researchers In Data Visualizations

Virtualitics launched a new tool that encourages a more interactive analysis of data using 3D visualization

Design How The Fashion Industry Is Shifting Toward Sustainable Wardrobes

Our Fashion Debrief looks at industry shifts that aim to increase functionality, reduce waste and establish more sustainable production cycles

Consumer Goods Uninterrupted Operations Through Responsive Maintenance

PSFK's Future Of Manufacturing report explores manufacturers responding to emerging situations before systems malfunction

Retail Phone Insurance Provided Based On Virtual Diagnostics

The insurance startup Sure has raised another $8 million, which they're using to expand their smartphone protection services

Technology Wearable Warns You When A Fight With Your Significant Other Is Imminent

Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed the basis for a device that alerts you five minutes before a fight could start with your S.O.

Advertising Data Designer: Why We Need To Take Back The Infographic

Ashley Brenner, Creative Director at Imprint, discusses how graphics can change our understanding of information

Technology AI Is Assisting In Making Digital Marketing Campaigns More Effective

Rather than looking through hours of information themselves, a marketing team can assign this task to their newest artificially intelligent co-worker

Innovation Interactive Campaign Matches People's Facial Expressions with Museum Works of Art

Rijks Emotions aggregates emotional data and pairs you with a similar painting of the past