data center

Design This Project Is Setting Out To Determine What The Internet Sounds Like

Sound designer Matt Parker has created a documentary on what noise the Internet would collectively create

Delivery & Logistics How Small Will Beat Big And Save The Fashion Industry

Lawrence Lenihan, Resonance co-CEO and co-founder, discusses the company's "Full Stack Fashion" approach where they operate in real time to deliver fashion garments on-demand

Automotive Amazon Launches A Data Center Built On A Semi Truck

The Snowmobile is a state-of-the-art, military grade data center on wheels

Innovation HP’s Revolutionary Computer Transfers Data Using Light

The Machine is energy and memory-efficient, can store as much as a traditional data center in the size of a refrigerator

Technology Sewage Biogas To Power Cloud Computing [My Ideal City]

A zero carbon data center captures sewage treatment bi-products to charge facilities.

Technology Microsoft To Open Data Center Powered By Sewage

The tech company has invested over $5 million into the ‘Data Plant’ in Wyoming, which will not rely on any power from the local grid.

Design Apple Plans To Power iCloud With The Sun

The company is building the biggest end-user-owned solar array in the country to power its data center.

Technology How Much Power Does The Internet Use? [Infographic]

If the Internet was rated as a country, it's total energy consumption would be 5th in the world, just after Japan and above Russia.

Design (Pic) Yahoo's Breathing Building

A unique design takes advantage of natural flows to heat and cool the space.

Work (Infographic) How Much Power Does it Take to Power the Internet?

GDS International sent us their most recent infographic which helps visualize this significant power usage by the data centers in the US that help power the Internet.