data storage

Design A Modern Hard Drive Inspired by the Floppy Disk

The floppy disk comes back around in this retro-inspired hard drive

Home Desktop Product Acts as Private Cloud for Safe Data Storage

WEDG is an off-cloud gadget that offers storage features with added security

Technology DNA Strands Offer A Natural Alternative To Data Storage

Biotechnology could store information for thousand of years without any damage.

Advertising Macala Wright: Why Brands Are Making The Case For APIs

In 2013, the fastest growing technological trend, alongside crowdsourcing and 3D printing, is using the DIY ethos to design better products and services.

Innovation Scientists Turn Human DNA Into A Personal Flash Drive

Scientists have successfully encoded MP3s, Shakespeare's sonnets, and research papers onto strands of the double helix molecules.

Technology Store Data Forever On This Waterproof, Fireproof Glass Disk

Hitachi has invented a small device that can store data on it for an incredibly long time in binary form by creating a series of dots that can be read with a microscope.

Technology Data Retention By US Mobile Networks [Infographic]

Department of Justice document reveals how long carriers store their customers' information.

Technology Bacteria Bioencryption May Make Your Hard Drive Extinct

DNA encryption advances signal staggering implications for data storage of the near future.

Design Backblaze Gives Storage Pod Design Away For Free

Backblaze, a Silicon Valley startup that provides unlimited online file storage for $5 a month (USD), is offering the cost-effective methodology they developed for their storage pods on their website for free on their company's blog