Advertising Interview: How A Blockchain-Based Platform Aims To Turn The E-Commerce World Into A Decentralized Amazon

In this interview, founder and CEO of Shopin, Eran Eyal, discusses how his company creates a universal shopper profile and cryptocurrency to improve the e-commerce and in-store experience, while allowing brands and their customers to control their personal data

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket AI Food Delivery Platform Crafts Hyper-Curated Meal Recommendations For Customers

Halla is a subscription-based service that uses an extensive ingredient, recipe and dish database to develop taste profiles, pulling from millions of meals at 130,000+ restaurants and dozens of delivery providers in one place

Entertainment Interview: Second Life's Creator On How Virtual Reality Can Help Foster Genuine Connection

In this interview, co-founder of High Fidelity Philip Rosedale discusses how his blockchain-based virtual reality platform enables new and improved ways for people to not only socialize but also genuinely connect, harboring the potential to improve how people and communities around the world relate to one another

Loyalty & Membership Subscription Service Uses AI To Curate Personalized Beauty Boxes For Members

By marshaling big data, Identité's algorithm can anticipate the best beauty products each user will need in particular locations at specific points in time, offering consumers next-level personalization within the beauty industry

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Music Video Composed Entirely of Stock Media Shows Potential For Future Content Creators

This borrowed-media project is the first of its kind, and showcases the breadth and user-friendliness of the Getty Images database as well as its untapped potential for content makers

Food & Beverage Consumers Can Ask Alexa When Their Leftovers Will Go Bad

IoT storage containers integrate with Amazon Alexa and display color-coded lights to warn users when food is about to expire, reducing waste

Fashion & Apparel Luxury Fashion Powerhouse Leverages Consumer Data To Respond To Shopper Demand

Tapestry is using the latest technological capabilities to capture consumer information and inform hyper product customization

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Tencent Helps Retailers Scale Their Cashier-Free Stores

Using its WeChat platform as a mode of payment, Tencent is on the forefront of developing tools for unmanned retail stores

Health How Intuitive Onboarding Simplifies Insurance Sign-Up

Digital insurance services are implementing AI technology like chatbots to facilitate the complex task of joining an insurance policy

Technology How Emotion Tracking Provides Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Emotionally sensitive technology allows brands and consumers to analyze responses to products, services and experiences

Retail Supermarket's Blockchain Tracks Each Stage Of Chicken Production

French supermarket chain Carrefour is applying the secure technology to demonstrate 100% transparency with its food products

Beauty AI Personalizes An Optimal Skincare Regime For Each Customer

The startup Proven collects data on millions of product reviews to find the best products for each user's individual skin

Your Online Presence Feeds This Automated Knowledge Base

Users can ask Molly questions about people in their network, which are then automatically answered according to data scoured from social media

Entertainment Google Has Begun Replacing Apps With Neural Networks

Google is advancing its AI capabilities to give 'ambient awareness' to the Pixel 2 phone