Analysis How The Philly & DC Food Scenes Are Driving Trends

Food service brands from the mid-East Coast of the U.S. are serving up new store formats and experiences that delight customers with exceptional service and unique opportunities

Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks Opens Its First U.S. Signing Store To Support Hearing-Disabled Community

The international food and beverage retailer is set to open a location in Washington, D.C. that caters to the needs of its deaf or hard-of-hearing consumers and employees

Design Hair Clip Lets Deaf People Sense Sound

The device vibrates in the direction of a sound, mimicking its rhythm and vibrating harder for louder sounds

Entertainment Wearable Device Lets The Hearing Impaired Feel Music

The Vibeat headphones can convert sound into vibrations for a novel musical experience

Technology New AI Software Reads Lips Better Than Any Human

The University of Oxford developed a new app that can more accurately read lips to make communication easier

Retail Starbucks Store Staffed By Deaf Baristas

The coffee chain has opened a shop in Malaysia with the objective of greater inclusion

Gaming & Play Two-Way Communication Device Bridges Gap Between Deaf, Hearing Communities

UNI translates sign language to audio and spoken words to text

Video Jamie xx's Music Video Inspires The Deaf And The Hearing Alike [Video]

The profound power of music shines through in this silent performance.

Design LED Gloves Performs Sign Language Light Shows For The Deaf

New Zealand design student creates TacitLanguage, a communication aid for low-light environments.

Design Deaf Magazine Illuminates Sign Language On Its Pages [Pics]

The DEAF MAGAZINE features content on the culture of German sign language, and uses augmented reality to visualize the content.

Syndicated A Completely Silent Presentation [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares inspiration surrounding how to listen with your eyes and pick up more than you might just by listening.

Technology Smart Vibrating Glove Helps The Hearing And Sight-Impaired To Text

The visual and hearing impaired will soon be able to engage in efficient communication via smartphones or computers.

Technology Assistive Technology: Disabled Individuals Interact With The World Through Intuitive Natural Actions

Increasingly accurate sensor-based technologies are being adopted by developers to create innovative systems for handicapped persons.