deep learning

Technology Shutterstock Tools Use Deep Learning For Optimized Content Search

Shutterstock has developed three new tools that provide customers with tailored options dependent on specific use cases, aiming to give users an enhanced and refined discovery experience

Retail Search For Products On eBay Using Images Instead Of Words

Image-recognition features enable shoppers to use photos from their phones or online to find items they want to purchase

Fashion & Apparel AI Stylist Helps Shoppers Find Their Next Purchase

Propulse's algorithms are able to consider over 39,000 independent variables simultaneously to give consumers highly tailored recommendations

Technology This Algorithm Will Predict How Humans Greet Each Other

An MIT project is learning to predict how humans will interact upon first meeting based on patterns from over 600 hours of TV footage

Advertising A Heatmap Algorithm for the Memorability of Your Photography

An algorithm will help you perfect the creation of memorable photos, whether it's for a logo, selfie or PSFK Conference photo

Innovation Peter Fingar: The Cognitive Computing Era is Upon Us

Business-tech author details how cognitive systems wield a power like we've never seen and could soon be tending to our agriculture, industry, and service needs