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Automotive Why Top-Notch Delivery Service Is A Key Driver Of Retail Success

Solution provider AxleHire tells PSFK why delivery is one of the few areas where retailers can truly differentiate—and how his end-to-end platform helps enable last-mile service to drive clients' success

Cafe & Restaurant Domino's delivery hotspots allow customers to have pizza delivered to the beach or park

Pizza chain Domino’s allows customers to have pizza delivered to a park, sports field, beach, pool or other outdoor location. When customers place an order online or via mobile app, nearby Domino’s Hotspots will pop up on a map, allowing them to select the most convenient location. Customers then receive directions to the Hotspot along with text message updates about their order, including the driver’s estimated arrival time, so they can meet the driver at the designated location. Domino’s currently has over 150,000 outdoor Hotspots throughout the US. 

Brand Activation & Immersion Donald Glover & Adidas Used Airdrop To Surprise Coachella Attendees With Free Sneakers

As detailed in our Future Of Retail 2020 report, randomly selected festival goers were air-dropped a pair of Adidas kicks, granted that they wore them for the rest of the event

Children PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Nike Adventure Club's GM On Using Subscriptions To Solve Consumer Pain Points

Prior to taking the stage at PSFK's Future of Retail 2020 Conference, Dave Cobban speaks about designing a service that adds value to consumers' everyday lives—and solves longstanding pain points within children's apparel retail

Delivery & Logistics Harvey Norman X Microsoft's AI assistant lets shoppers begin their journey online and complete purchase in-store

Australian retailer Harvey Norman became the world’s first retailer to launch the Microsoft Synchronized Shopping solution, an AI-powered retail software concept from technology company Microsoft that facilitates a seamless online and offline experience. Shoppers who visit the Harvey Norman website can access an AI-powered product advisor who guides them through a series of questions in order to assess their individual needs and recommend Microsoft laptops and other devices that best suit them. Once the shoppers have selected a short list of devices, the website creates a shopper pass that is stored in their Apple Wallet or Google Pay app on their mobile device, which uses geo-location to push a phone notification once they enter the store, guiding them to the location of the PC models that were recommended by the online advisor.

Food & Beverage KitchenAF ghost facility delivers comfort food to consumers

Ghost kitchen restaurant KitchenAF debuts a comfort food menu for consumers to pick up or order via delivery. The non-traditional restaurant format is distributed through UberEats and DoorDash, though to locate the menu food enthusiasts must search BurgerAF, PastaAF or SweetAF. To skip the delivery fee, one can also drive up to the pickup window to receive their food.

Fashion & Apparel Nike Adventure Club subscription footwear service delivers kids' shoes to home on a rolling basis

Shoewear brand Nike has created a subscription service for children’s shoes, making it easy for parents to get new shoes as their children grow out of them. Members pay a flat monthly fee and can choose to receive new shoes on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, with the option to skip months or swap sneakers if they don’t fit or if their child doesn’t like them. The online site makes it easy for kids to select the style of shoe they want, from performance shoes for sporting activities to casual lifestyle styles for everyday wear. In order to make the unboxing experience more fun, Nike customizes each box with the child’s name and includes stickers and booklets with ideas for outdoor activities.

Design TerraCycle Loop circular delivery platform makes it easy for consumers to refill their favorite household products

TerraCycle Loop is a service that makes it simple and convenient for consumers to use refillable versions of common household products, ensuring they never run out of their favorite products while eliminating the need for single-use, disposable packaging. Shoppers can visit the Loop online store and select their desired products from participating CPG companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé and Unilever, which are delivered to their home. After the products are used, UPS will pick up the empty containers and deliver the replacement order.

Beauty PSFK's 10th Annual Future Of Retail Report Will Guide Brands And Retailers Into The Age Of Personal Utility

PSFK's Future Of Retail 2020: Retail As Personal Utility report provides a strategic roadmap for brands and retailers to deliver hyper-personalized service that meets the unique needs of every customer in a post-experiential era

Entertainment LEGO's Replay program provides free return shipping labels for customers to donate their unused toy bricks to children in need

Toy company LEGO’s Replay program provides free return shipping labels for customers to donate their unused toy bricks to children in need. After being returned, the pieces are sorted and cleaned, then sent to classrooms in need. Replay boosts LEGO’s sustainability while contributing to charity, all without asking too much of the customer.

Technology Amazon Alexa owners could donate school supplies for the back-to-school rush at the end of the summer

During the back-to-school rush at the end of summer, people with Amazon Alexa could donate school supplies by simply saying, “Alexa, donate to Happy School Year.” Amazon’s program shipped fully stocked, $25 backpacks to the nonprofit Communities In Schools, and required almost no effort from charitable voice assistant users.

Retail Enjoy Is A Delivery Startup Transforming The Tech Ecommerce Experience

With same-day delivery on products like iPhones and Sonos speakers, Enjoy is challenging the world to rethink the way delivery should work

Delivery & Logistics Gwick is a mobile app that lets friends easily send virtual gift cards

Gwick is a mobile app that enables users to easily send virtual gift cards for hundreds of popular retailers and restaurants that can be used both online or in physical stores. Gift givers can attach photos or videos to create a personalized message with their gift cards. The app also includes a newsfeed function, allowing users to interact with friends and reminding them of important occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. 

Luxury Swarovski created a WeChat mini program that helps members select a gift for a friend

For the Chinese Lunar New Year, Swarovski, producer of fine crystal, created a WeChat mini program with a crowdfunding feature, allowing users to select a Swarovski gift for a friend and then enlist their social network for help in purchasing it.