delivery service

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Plans To Launch Its Own Delivery Service

The retailer is looking to expand yet again, this time into the shipping business alongside competitors like FedEx and UPS

Cafe & Restaurant Jet Ski Messengers Deliver Food Orders To Vacationers

Deliveroo is testing a delivery method that brings food from local restaurants straight to vacationers on the beach

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Green Delivery Service Piggybacks On Existing Journeys

TiMMi Transport is a German delivery company that get packages and goods where they need to be by adding them to already existing trips

Luxury Upscale Delivery Service Points To The Future Of The Cannabis Industry

Flow Kana and Auntie Dolores are California startups helping shape the direction of the marijuana industry over the next few years

Delivery Service Sends Parcels Directly To Your Phone's Location

A South African retailer has with delivery service WumDrop to offer deliveries based on geolocation

Retail Mercedes-Benz Van Delivers Packages Via Buddy Drones

The concept boasts a one-shot package loading system that will allow it to service ecommerce customers at maximum speed

Food & Beverage 7-Eleven Delivers Slurpees To Customers' Homes For The Ultimate Convenience

The convenience store partners with Flirtey to make the first at-home drone delivery in the United States

Retail Track Your Package Delivery In Real Time

UPS now lets you follow the progress of trucks carrying orders on a live map

Health Birth Control Service Wants to Deliver Your Pills in Two Hours

Access to birth control expands with the help of a mobile delivery app

Advertising Deliver Strangers' Tacos, Earn $15 An Hour

Favor delivers anything, from dry cleaning to high cuisine, to your front door while paying their runners a fair wage

Technology Amazon Makes Manhattan One-Hour Delivery Service Mecca

Using bikes and eventually drones, Amazon Prime Now gets to members in unmatched timing

Home Delivery Service Aims to End Missed Packages After Hours

$5 guaranteed evening delivery for New Yorkers or it's free

Home 7 Items You Need to Know Today

Amazon Fresh invades New York, micro-robots may benefit medical and agricultural industries and Hollywood can now dabble in the drone business

Innovation Night-Time Delivery Service Eases The Hassles Of Online Shopping

Parcel promises residents of Manhattan evening delivery of important packages.