Baby Boomers Alexa Skills Provide Interactive Guidance To Sufferers Of Dementia

Developed by the Alzheimer's Society, the voice assistant skill helps those suffering from early-stage dementia remember to follow prescriptions, take meals and celebrate loved ones' birthdays

Brand Activation & Immersion Alzheimer's Center Creates 1950's-Themed Town To Improve Patient Cognition

The Glenner Town Square provides Alzheimer's patients with an alternative experiential treatment, helping jog their memory by recreating a town from their youth and offering activities like puzzles and animal therapy

Health How Technology Is Making Remote Senior Care Possible

Non-invasive and efficient care for the elderly is becoming possible thanks to remote technology like wearable devices and in-home monitoring

Design Op-Ed: Why Businesses Should Strive To Be More Beautiful

Alan Moore describes why he has made it his life’s mission to help businesses discover their own unique beauty

Advertising VR Is Helping People With Alzheimer's Revive Memories

The first Wayback VR film of a planned series immerses patients in Queen Elizabeth's 1953 coronation

Gaming & Play This Game Could Help With Alzheimer's Research

A smartphone app uses VR to track and provide insight into dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Home This Company Is Developing Home Monitoring Technology to Assist Caregivers

To help those caring for elderly loved ones, Howz lets users to set up and maintain a custom monitoring plan

Food & Beverage Pop-Up Restaurant Only Employs Waiters With Dementia and Alzheimer's

The Restaurant of Order Mistakes was a special pop-up in Tokyo that looked to inspire empathy for those with degenerative disorders

Technology Bluetooth Tag Helps Locate Wandering Patients In Cities

Japanese cities could find small Bluetooth trackers in businesses to help track a dementia patient who lost their way home

Design Wireless Router Monitors And Diagnoses Health Issues

WiGait is a home device that measures walking speed to identify changes in a person's body over time

Health How Augmented Reality Can Be An Empathy-Building Tool

Royal College of Art graduate Heeju Kim has designed a Google Cardboard application that is paired with a collection of awkwardly shaped candies meant to impede speech

Technology This Helmet Recreates The Experience Of Dementia

A student project has taken on replicating the difficulties of living with the degenerative disease

Health Playing This Videogame Helps Scientists Understand How Our Brains Age

Sea Hero Quest gathers data from players to offer scientist important research information

Design Tableware Set Designed to Help People With Dementia

San Francisco art student creates memory-supporting place settings called Eatwell