Technology Online Platform Gives Ghanaians A Better Chance At Government Participation

TransGov was created to promote the idea that a democratic government cannot excel without active participation from its citizens

Children German Kindergarten Enables Kids To Vote On Their Food And Toy Choices

A new kindergarten allows preschoolers to vote on their day care routines

Mobile Service Acts As A Comprehensive Guide To The Election

BallotReady is made to give everyday citizens insight into every candidate and platform leading up to Election Day

Could This Application Help Voters Win Key Swing States?

A new app called #NeverTrump is trying to make an impact in the upcoming US election

Swipe Up To Register To Vote On Snapchat

The social platform has partnered with TurboVote to help young people easily enroll in less than one minute

Technology This Plan Hopes To Get Millennials To Vote

Make America Smart Again is a movement fighting voter apathy

Technology A Small Town In Spain Replaced Bureaucracy With Twitter

The social network has become the major channel of communication for locals and government officials

For Twitter, Free Speech Matters — Not Real Names [Headlines]

How does Twitter deal with government requests for user IDs and network shutdown?

Advertising What Is The 'Tipping Point' When A Minority Wins Over A Majority?

A recent study suggests that the tipping point is surprisingly only 10% of people within various networks. Minorities do rule.

Advertising Hashtag, Property Of No One [Headlines]

Jeff Jarvis explains how a hashtag is the ultimate democratic tool---primarily because no one can control it.

Technology Hactivism For Human Rights

Access is a global movement consisting of former hackers who have dedicated their lives to securing internet freedom for social activists around the world.

Home Monocolumn: Democracy Comes To Kyrgyzstan

The plaques bolted to each of its five bulky printing units say it all: “Property of the United States Government Department of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor”.

Work Libraries Moving Into Shopping Areas To Attract Patrons

How do we make the public library as convenient as Amazon or Netflix?

Work Breaking Borders: Google Celebrates Freedom Of Expression

Google has introduced the Breaking Borders Awards, honoring outstanding web projects by individuals or groups who have shown courage, energy and resourcefulness in using the Internet to promote freedom of expression and democracy.