Analysis How Retailers Like Levi's Are Using Stores To Deliver Meaningful Experiences

Retailers from Eileen Fisher to Bloomingdale's are developing creative methods to attract consumers into brick-and-mortar locations, providing a customized and memorable experience

Brand Activation & Immersion Levi's Experiential Flagship Store Blends Heritage With Digital Integration

The iconic brand's 17,000 square-foot Times Square flagship will feature a unique synthesis of customization and heritage pieces, offering shoppers a customizable t-shirt bar and exclusive product drops as part of an effort to expand DTC operations

Innovation How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

From color-changing fabrics to garments that can answer phone calls, apparel retailers are enhancing how consumers interact with their clothing with wearable technology, enabling useful functions and capabilities

Fashion & Apparel J. Crew Sister Brand Expands To Offer Shoppers Men's Line

Madewell has been one of the company's biggest successes, which it hopes to capitalize on by debuting a long-awaited men's line

Delivery & Logistics Levi's Will Make Vintage Jeans To Customer Specs In Under 60 Minutes

The iconic denim brand is appealing to consumer nostalgia and need for speed by revolutionizing the way it produces custom jeans

Technology Levi's Is Using Lasers To Produce A More Eco-Friendly Pair Of Jeans

A new process for manufacturing distressed denim cuts down on production time as well as environmental impact

Retail Target Announces A Size-Inclusive Apparel Brand Rooted In Denim

Universal Thread will offer denim and other apparel in a variety of fits and sizes

Fashion & Apparel This Store Is Trying To Give Shoppers A New Way To Buy Jeans

Unspun pop-ups flip the fashion retail model by creating a bespoke pair of pants for each person using a 3D imaging process

Design Why The Fashion World Needs A Redesign

Stats and quotes from our Fashion Debrief highlight the key hurdles the fashion industry needs to overcome in order to pursue a more sustainable future

Retail Let This Bot Help You Pick Your Next Pair Of Jeans

A new Levi's virtual stylist bot helps customers narrow down options to find a perfect pair of jeans

Technology Touch-Controlled Smart Denim Is Coming To A Store Near You

Project Jacquard, a collaboration between Google and Levi's, is working on ways to make wearables more fashionable and usable

Design Levi's Commuter Jacket Lets You Control Devices With Gestures

A working version of the product was unveiled at SXSW, which demonstrated the viability of the technology

Design Artworks Made From Denim Look Like Intricate Oil Paintings

Ian Berry's pieces are created using many layers and shades of denim jeans

Advertising Old Jeans Transformed Into A New Pair Of Sunglasses

A UK-based company repurposes discarded denim as a building material for eyewear