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Advertising Speakers Line Up For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON

Creative minds from the arts, technology, design and business will appear at PSFK's fourth London conference to the latest trends, inspirations, and ideas.

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PSFK founder considers how the dynamic use of context to provide better in-venue data, could drive mainstream adoption.

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Dennis Crowley speaks to PSFK about getting friends to meet up even when they're driving their cars.

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Foursquare's Dennis Crowley said that a buzz made by the app in the pocket is more effective than visual augmented reality.

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Social entrepreneurs have become the contemporary change agents, now deserving screen time as the icons of our time

Technology Foursquare Offers Secret Banksy Badge

Dennis Crowley worked with the Wooster Collective to create an 'easter egg' surprise for film fans.

Advertising Is The Writing On The Walls For Blogs?

The democratization of publishing that blogging platforms fueled a few years ago seems to be only an early chapter in a longer story about the move from curated content by the few to tailored content by the many. Piers Fawkes argues that in it's current form, PSFK's days could be numbered.