Hotels, Hospitality & Travel NYC's TWA Hotel Opens A Retro Chalet-Themed Rooftop Experience

Designed to transport guests to a 1960s ski lodge, the in-airport accommodations' rooftop pool, bar and ice rink amenities invite guests to relax and sip cocktails while watching jets take off

Beauty Starface redefines the unpleasant experience of a breakout with fun, Instagrammable pimple patch

Skincare brand Starface is fighting the stigma associated with acne through its bright yellow, star-shaped hydrocolloid pimple patches. Developed by former beauty director Julie Schott, who has written about her own struggles with acne, Starface turns acne treatment into something fun and Instagrammable rather than something to be concealed.

Design L’Occitane leads the way for inclusive packaging for visually impaired consumers

French beauty brand L’Occitane started incorporating braille on its packaging in 1997 to make its products more accessible to visually impaired consumers, and today nearly all of its packaging has braille. Although placing braille lettering on smaller products, such as soaps, proved technically challenging and led to an additive cost of 25%, the brand was willing to absorb these costs so that it could be as inclusive as possible.

Brand Activation & Immersion Why Trending Design Site Hunker Opened A Multi-Story House

Ahead of appearing at our upcoming retail conference, Hunker editor-in-chief Eve Epstein and Whereabout studio founder Gabriela Baiter talk building a media brand today and take us inside the Hunker House—the high-design IRL manifestation of the online decor site

Automotive Best NYC Holiday Windows Of 2019

PSFK contributor Dave Pinter took to the streets to photograph some of the most colorful and creative displays from top retailers as they took part in the city's whimsical tradition

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

Fashion & Apparel PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Tomorrow's Store Will Sell Feelings, Not Things

Prior to PSFK's Future Of Retail Conference 2020, YourStudio's co-founder and creative director Howard Sullivan explains why the next gen of retail stores will fulfill consumers with service and spirit instead of stuff

Retail This Inclusive Beauty Brand Is Disrupting The Way Consumers Apply Makeup

Grace Beauty is making doing one's makeup accessible to more, creating tools designed for those with conditions that can make gripping cosmetic tools difficult

Home IKEA Israel allows disabled consumers to 3D print customizable furniture adaptations

Furniture manufacturer Ikea Israel modifies its furniture to make it more accessible for people with disabilities to use. The company created thirteen designs to adapt bookcases, couches and more to accommodate disabled consumers. Accessible adjustments such as an easy handle, couch lift and friendly zipper are available for free online or 3D printing.

Children Target's adaptive-wear Halloween costumes help disabled children participate in the fun

Big-box retailer Target launches Halloween adaptive wear costumes, so children with mobility and sensory issues can easily access costumes to celebrate the holiday. The retailer adapts the costumes to complement wheelchairs such as a Cinderella carriage and pirate ship that fit over wheels. For autistic children, the brand focuses on designing costumes that remove tags and other stimulants that may overwhelm them. Also, a hidden abdominal opening leaves room for media equipment access as needed. 

Innovation NYU's Smart Dress tech provides dressing independence for people with dementia

University NYU develops a smart dresser prototype to aid dementia patients in the process of getting dressed. The technology creates independence for people with dementia. Using a tablet, located on the top of a five drawer dresser, the display directs the wearer into how to dress. Lights guide the wearer into the next article of clothing to put on and simplifies the dressing process. Though, if the dresser runs into difficulties a caregiver can be notified for assistance.

Shopper Education & Assistance Grace Beauty's easy-grip tools support makeup application for consumers with arthritis or cerebral palsy

Grace Beauty is a beauty brand making it easier for consumers with conditions such as arthritis or cerebral palsy to apply makeup. Offering three types of grip tools, the Square Grip, the Safe Grip, and the Ring Grip, the application process is simplified for makeup users, disability or not. All of the grips are compatible with other makeup brands’ products, making the tools a universally useful packaging innovation.

Food & Beverage Kellogg's x Autism Speaks design sensory "love notes" to help children with autism express love

CPG company Kellogg’s partnered with nonprofit Autism Speaks to make sensory “Love Notes” for autistic children to feel and understand the emotion of love through the sweet snack Rice Krispies Treats. The “Love Notes” are designed into four different stickers appealing to sensory disorders. Each sticker comes in calming colors and in a variety of textures from faux fur to fleece to support children on the autistic spectrum to express love.

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Sainsbury's landyards help identify consumers with disabilities to provide them needed aid

U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury’s uses lanyards printed with sunflowers to discreetly identify shoppers with hidden disabilities in order to better service them. Store associates have been trained to recognize the lanyards and offer additional aid, such as assisting in finding items or allowing more time at checkout, without the customers having to ask.