Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Designer Creates Chic Posture-Improving Tools You Might Actually Want To Use

Designer Mirjam de Bruin created Asana, a series of five tools to help office workers keep up their health while sitting at their desks

Design This Bicycle Rack Disappears When No One's Using It

This hidden bicycle rack is designed to save space in crowded city centers

Design Make Useful Creations From Recycled Plastic At Home

Make useful everyday objects from recycled plastic trash

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Business Class Interior Gets Turned into Travel Products

Students from Design Academy Eindhoven repurposed materials from the interior of KLM airplanes to create a range of travel items

Home Breathe an Instantaneous "Thinking of You" Message to a Long-Distance Friend

Penny Webb's Breath Lamp changes coloration from the touch of a breath, indicating a 'hello' from a loved one

Work Clutches Take On The Shape Of Their Contents

This bag collection by designer Stella Derkzen stretch and fold when filled with items.

Design Magnetic Furniture Snaps Together For Easily Assembly [Pics]

Flat-pack pieces that are even easier to assemble than those from IKEA.

Work Candy Furniture Looks Good Enough To Eat [Pics]

Art project packed with artificial ingredients and eye-catching colors.

Design Responsive Lamps That Exist To Please Their Owners [Video]

Wallace and Darwin are two lights that behave more like pets than robots.

Gaming & Play Mind-Controlled Cars That Help People Overcome ADHD [Pics]

Light intensity increases the longer you are able to focus your mind on this remote-controlled car.

Technology Machines Let Local Citizens Upcycle Their Own Plastics

Dave Hakkens has developed a number of machines that recycle plastic and let people create new products locally.

Design Sense-Stimulating Cutlery

Designer Jinhyun Jeon has created flatware with different colors, volumes, temperatures, and textures, to enrich the dining experience.

Design Mechanical Coat Rack Moves When A Jacket Is Removed [Video]

Nicole Schindelholz's mobile-like interactive hanging device responds to items being placed on it and taken off.

Design Melt Wax To Instantly Mold Fast And Easy Dishes And Cups [Pics]

A clever design concept that lets you create bowls, cups, and spoons on the go.