design concept

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Device Makes Digital Currency Feel Tangible

The concept gadget wants you to experience the highs and lows of spending money

Design Whimsical Inventions Born from a World We Wish Were Real

Japanese design company Pantograph has invented a series of playful, imaginative (and useless) objects we'd love to see in the real world

Design A Motion to Give Credit Cards Motion

A small change equals a huge convenience with a new design concept for credit cards

Technology Connected Lights Illuminate A Path to Fall Prevention

Luna Lights provides effortless light for those adults who might need a little help maneuvering in the dark

Design Sleek Smartwatch Designed To Manage Existing Tech

The cyclus drops complicated features to focus on simplicity and user experience.

Innovation Bike Wheel Add-On Turns Unused Space Into Cargo Storage [Pics]

Design project imagines a bike wheel functioning similarly to the trunk of a car.

Design Hotel Lounge Fits Onto The Back Of A Private Jet [Pics]

Jetway Hotel is designed as a short-stay hotel that acts as an extension of the private jet to let clients rest for the day before departure.

Home Shape-Shifting House Rotates And Unfolds To Follow Sun

The D*Haus is a dynamic structure that opens and unfurls for a total of eight different layouts.

Design Headphones Force The Wearer To Keep Still To Listen To Music

Jonas Breme's design concept promotes slow listening by making the wearer savor the musical experience.

Design Cut Food With An Electromagnetic Laser Instead Of A Knife

A Russian design student has created a conceptual device that cuts food into desired shapes without the use of a blade.

Design Dog Bone Soothes Pets With Smells And Sounds Of Owner

The 'WithMe Bone' concept comforts dogs suffering from separation anxiety using a piece of worn clothing and a recorded voice.

Innovation Water-Powered ‘Light Reeds’ Illuminate Urban Waterfronts

Design consulting firm Pensa has created a concept for a renewable energy source that lights developed areas, like NYC, which are surrounded by water.

Design Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]

Mark DiLella's 'Clarity' phone features a Braille interface, user-definable keys, customizable menu and text-to-speech converter.

Home Router Displays The Path Data Takes In Real-Time [Video]

BERG and Ericsson’s User Experience Lab design a router with a screen that shows the path the information takes.