design research

Advertising frog design: The Art Of Design Research (And Why It Matters)

Design can exist without "the research." But if we don't study the world, we don't always know how or what to create.

Work Making Meaning Out Of Data: The Art Of Design Synthesis

Jon Kolko, Executive Director of Design Strategy at Thinktiv explains how to go from a mountain of raw data to actionable knowledge.

Innovation Crowdsourced Creative Problem Solving

frogMob, a new website/research initiative by Frog Design showcases user-generated galleries of ingenuity.

Home frog design: Zen And The Art Of Design

Human ingenuity is bounded only by what we can identify as an opportunity through unmediated experience.

Design Monocolumn: New Architecture Institute To The Rescue

Russia is to urban planning what Saudi Arabia is to nightlife, so the arrival of Dutch legend Rem Koolhaas in Moscow yesterday to launch a new architecture institute is a very welcome move.

Technology PSFK Talks To Mike Kuniavsky

Mike Kuniavsky is the co-founder of ThingM, a design and computing device studio that specializes in making products for everyday problem solving and self-expression.

Luxury PSFK presents Good Ideas Salon with Jan Chipchase on October 1

PSFK's next Good Ideas Salon in New York will be on October 1 with Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase. Chipchase will present his thoughts on 'Pattern Recognition' at the salon followed by a Q&A with the audience.