design studio

Design Design Studio Imagines An Office Without Chairs

In Breaking Habits, Dutch design studio RAAAF imagines the chairless spaces of the future

Automotive Tesla Introduces Mobile Design Studio Fleet

The unique custom trailers are a place to learn about customizing your own vehicle

Work Acoustic Lighting Enhances Privacy And Productivity In The Workplace

The fixture absorbs sound and promises a more serene office setting

Home 3D-Printed Rings Display Assorted Desserts as Jewelry

Whimsical adornments give new meaning to the phrase "playing with your food"

Design New Lamp Inspired by Water Wells Blends Antique with Modern

The Well Lamp gets wound like a well to brighten or dim

Home Roofless Bird Feeder Lets Homeowners Experience Wildlife Up Close

Ukrainian design studio Dorogaya created a feeder that looks like a branch and attaches to a window so people can see the birds eating.

Innovation Print Shop Offers Clothing As Blank Canvases For Designers

A project from BYCO, Print All Over Me produces items like hats, pillows and scarves for users to place their designs on.

Technology Biodegradable Building Dissolves Into The Earth Over Time

Smith|Allen Studio designed a 3D-printed structure for a redwood forest which will decompose in 30-50 years.

Design Deceivingly Simple Furniture Is A Puzzle To Assemble [Pics]

Praktrik's series incorporates the challenging Burr puzzles into tables, chairs and lamps.

Design Bookshelf Chair Provides A Comfortable Reading Nook [Pics]

The OpenBook chair created by design studio TILT features multiple shelves for showcasing books and magazines.

Innovation Cocoon Chair Provides Personal Space In Busy Locales [Pics]

Design studio TILT created pieces of enclosing furniture that create an oasis of quiet in densely populated workplaces.

Retail Shoe Store Features Walls Of Floating Footwear [Pics]

The Camper store in NYC was designed by Japanese architecture firm Nendo and features white resin product replicas decorating the walls.

Technology Distraction-Free Case Cuts Phones Off From The Outside World

Design studio The Way We See The World developed the Blokket, a slim pouch made from a silver and nylon material that blocks cellular signals.

Design Two-Toned Wallpaper Depicts Different Designs [Pics]

Carnovsky's RGB 'Fabulous Landscapes' screens and wallpaper look different depending on the color of LEDs shining on them.