Design Home Office Folds Away Into A Tiny Cube

Ho Cube is a workstation that features a filing cabinet, shelves, a lamp and a stool

Home World Famous Artist Turns His Attention To A Humble Desk Lamp

The Little Sun diamond lamp is meant to make light and electricity available to places that need it across the world

Work PSFK's Workplace Vision: The Desk Is Becoming An Ecosystem Of Satellite Workstations

Our Future of Work vision is an app that frees employees from the tyranny of a static desk

Design Desktop Gadgets Cleverly Constructed From Cardboard

The team behind Newfoldr wants to cut back on waste through clever designs

Work Set Up This Desk in 10 Seconds for Better Posture

This fully assembled desk unfolds as an alternative to the slouched-over computer posture

Innovation On-Demand Desks Make Designing Your Office Easier

Hand-built furniture helps set up the perfect space

Design Collaborative Desk Adapts to Laptops, Tablets and Your Meeting Schedule

The desk of the future remembers your preferences and syncs with your team's calendar

Home The Office of Tomorrow Is Entirely Self-Aware

Embedded technologies that monitor work environments can build new efficiencies, automate processes and make adjustments to streamline workflow

Technology Standing Desk with Integrated Computer Learns Your Preferences

The Stir M1 is made for tech-mindful, large-scale office environments

Design Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air

Desk with LED ambient lights promotes a healthier connected workspace

Work Modular Desk Organizer Designed to Be Tidily Tiled Together

Minimalist desk set made in the USA and finished with natural Danish oil

Design Narcissus Desk Lets Selfie-Lovers Stare at Their Reflections All Day Long

Sebastian Errazuriz’s design shows that selfies are migrating from the screen to furniture, clothing and accessories

Design Computer Cases Double As Ready-Made Office Desks [Video]

Lian Li's designs look like a standard work table but have USB and audio ports and mounting brackets for three monitors.

Work Foldable Desk Expands When Items Are Placed Inside [Pics]

Mette Karina Johansen’s Pet desk is a writing table with a lid made of stretched leather, which expands and shrinks around what is stored inside.