Delivery & Logistics Amazon To Share Profits When Customers Buy Within Alexa Skills

Amazon announced that developers will get a large cut of in-skill transactions as an incentive to get more people building for its library

Retail Amazon Is Launching A Series Of Alexa Training Workshops Worldwide

By engaging directly with the worldwide developer community, Amazon is seeding interest in building for its Alexa platform

Technology Website Uses New GitHub Projects To Play Soothing Music

A developer created a site to track projects uploaded to the platform, having xylophone notes play whenever something new happens

Innovation Facebook's Accelerator Helps Mobile Apps Get Off The Ground

Social media's largest network shows new support for budding startups via a new project named FbStart.

Innovation Pebble Gives Smartwatches To 4,000 Science Students

What does a big batch of donated smartwatches mean for Pebble besides self-promotion?

Advertising Web Browser Lets Smartphone Owners Test Drive Apps Before Buying Them provides interactive demos so consumers can try for themselves before shelling out cash to download.

Luxury Platform Lets Investors Buy Fledgling Startups For As Little As $10 helps sell and save half-finished or failing companies.

Home Future Apple iOS Could Include Motion Detection & Eye-Tracking

Navigate your iPhone using nothing but a simple movement of your head.

Gaming & Play Nintendo Offers Smartphone Games On Their Consoles

The Japanese company looks for ways to reverse its current downward profit spiral.

Design Creative Gym Service Supports Next-Gen Startups [PSFK SEATTLE]

Makerhaus fosters a community of creatives by providing access to the latest tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle

Advertising Weather Platform Only Displays The Most Crucial Info

New site from the markers of Dark Sky show you only the most vital statistics.

Video Freddie Laker: What Will Make Consumers Care About Smart TVs?

The founder of Guide discusses how people want experiences on their TV not just passive viewing.

Gaming & Play Amazon Introduces Virtual Currency

Amazon Coins will be geared towards developers to help increase downloads and monetization.

Design A Private, Crime-Free City In Guatemala

Developers are building a nearly independent city for the wealthy with access through a single gate and streets patrolled by armed guards.