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Technology Voice Service Provides Internet Access To The Digitally-Illiterate

Verbal is a audio-enabled platform that wants to give Internet access to people who don’t own computers or mobile devices.

Innovation Cooking Stove Converts Heat Into Electricity To Power The Developing World [Sponsored]

BioLite not only cooks food but converts thermal energy into power.

India's $45 Tablet Sells Out In A Week [Headlines]

The device is perfect for the developing world and is so popular that the company is already accepting orders for the updated version.

Innovation Traditional Rickshaws In Asia Become More Environmentally Friendly

Traditional rickshaws in the Philippines are being replaced by electrical tricycles to cut carbon emission and become more cost-effective for the drivers.

Design EasySMS: Helping Everyone Utilize Text Messaging

Using pictograms and avatars, one company brings text messaging to those without the benefit of education in the developing world.

Innovation Capteur Soleil: Using The Sun To Sterilize Medical Instruments

An engineering team at Rice University have adapted a cooking device for areas in development into a tool that can sterilize medical instruments.

Design Mobiglyph: Bridging The Digital Literacy Gap

User design for emerging markets needs to begin from first principle needs in order to adapt current mobile tagging trends.

Technology Google Helps Bring Satellite Internet To The Emerging World

O3b is set to bring broadband connectivity to developing areas of the planet.

Advertising PSFK's Future Of Health Report Now Available In Print

180 page report on trends at the intersection of health and technology is now available on Amazon for just $25.

Forging Mexico's Identity Through Street Sounds

The country declares a National Sound Week in an attempt to maintain their cultural heritage.

Gaming & Play Future of Health: Preliminary Diagnoses For Remote Health Care Workers

PSFK speaks with Benedetta Piantella, the designer behind a device that helps health care workers in remote areas provide better care for young children.

Home Future of Health: Map Kibera Creates An Infrastructure For Health Care

PSFK talks with the team for their insights on how the project is helping healthcare workers in neglected areas.

Design Data Visualization And Social Media Connect Social Enterprising Businesses

iuMap is a new online hub for international social enterprising organizations.

Innovation Future of Health: Low-Cost Mobile Peripheral For Diagnosing Eye Conditions

MIT's NETRA project gives healthcare workers in developing areas a "thermometer for the eye."