Diabetes mellitus

Features Interview: How K Health Uses Data To Help Patients Find The Right Medical Treatment

With primary care app K Health, founder Allon Bloch hopes to help fix healthcare from the outside by connecting consumers and collecting data

Analysis PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Ro's CEO On Democratizing Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Presenting at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference, Ro is a mission-driven healthcare technology company that works with doctors, pharmacists and engineers to provide accessible, affordable, personalized treatment all on its telemedicine platform

Fitness & Sport Diabetes-Focused Insurance Startup Charges Fees Only If Patients Improve

Digital health service Vitra proposes an innovative payment model, not charging fees unless patients improve, and providing no medications but instead offering diabetes patients natural management and online coaching

Brand Activation & Immersion How Kroger, Walgreens And Johnson & Johnson Are Using AI To Provide On-Demand Health Support

Brands are marshaling artificial intelligence to enable everything from personalized regimens that help customers treat skin conditions at home to voice-integrated tools that help diabetics monitor symptoms themselves

Health Diabetes Patients Can Turn To Alexa For Daily Management Support

The Sugarpod care plan is an interactive diabetes management system that incorporates an Alexa capability to provide voice-controlled interfacing, streamlining daily routines for sufferers of the disease

Food & Beverage Meal-Planning Service Tailors Recipes For Pre-Diabetic Customers

PlateJoy brands itself as a healthcare company rather than a strictly culinary one, aiming to promote health and wellness through diet and nutrition targeted at preventing diabetes

Design Bose Sleepbuds Headphones Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Barking dogs, loud traffic and snoring sleep partners are no match for these noise-canceling earbuds

Technology 3D-Printed Lens Detects Eye Disease

A teenage girl successfully created lens that can diagnosis a specific eye condition

Health Roundtable: The Patient Will See You Now

We turned to a handful of health industry experts get their crystal ball predictions on what the future of health holds

Retail How To Find Your True (Genetically-Mapped) Self In A Selfie Obsessed World

We sat down with Mapmygenome Founder & CEO Anu Acharya to discuss how genetic mapping is changing the healthcare industry, one selfie at a time

Advertising Social Network Links People Living With The Same Health Conditions

Curatio is a social app that helps people manage and talk to peers about their similar chronic conditions

Design Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Technology Contact Lens Helps Diabetic Patients Check Their Blood Sugar

The device being developed at Oregon State University can inform the wearer if their blood sugar is beginning to run low

Health Skin Implant Promises To Prevent HIV Infection

Intarcia Therapuetics has been backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a new technology that could prevent the spread of infection