Retail Startup Wants To Turn Diamonds Into A Modern Currency Alternative

VULT is a new way to make the gems liquid, portable and tradable from anywhere in the world

Design Would You Want Your DNA In Your Diamonds?

Personalizing jewelry by infusing each piece with a piece of the owner — literally

Human Ashes Converted Into Priceless Diamonds

Algordanza is a company that lets people preserve the memory of their deceased loved ones in a new way.

Luxury Million Dollar Luxury Laptop Goes On Sale

Luvaglio creates a totally customizable product can feature dimond-encrusted keys and top line materials.

Design W Motors Unveils A $3.4 Million, Diamond-Encrusted Sports Car

The luxury, limited edition vehicle boasts high performance stats as well as added ‘bling’ to make it stand out on the road.

Design Immortalize Your Pet By Turning Their Ashes Into Diamonds

Instead of burying your pet or having them stuffed, you could have a diamond ring made from their cremated remains.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

A nearby planet made of diamonds, The Rolling Stones go on their 50th anniversary tour and a Google search of 'completely wrong' brings up Mitt Romney pictures...Links to start your day with.

Home Hermes Makes A $2 Million Handbag [Headlines]

The luxury French fashion house has created an outlandishly expensive purse.

Luxury Newly Hatched Faberge Eggs Are $600,000 Each [Headlines]

Jeweled egg pendant necklaces from the house of Faberge are the first since 1917.

Retail The Ultimate iPad Upgrade

A new case for the iPad 2 is encrusted with diamonds, and inlaid with dinosaur bones.