Advertising A New Iteration Of Coca-Cola Claims To Make You Healthier

Coca-Cola Plus has no calories or sugar, but it does have fiber

Technology Weight Loss App Encourages Dieting By Placing Bets On Success

Being healthy just got a lot more interesting with users of DietBet being able to win jackpots of up to $150,000.

Advertising Gym Prints Food Receipts With Calorie Counts Instead Of Prices

Gold's Gym has shoppers do their buying based on the health value instead of dollar value.

Innovation AR Dieting System Changes Look Of Food So Users Eat Less

Trick your brain into consuming fewer calories.

Gaming & Play Fridge Device Alerts Social Networks When User 'Fails' Their Diet

The Virtual Fridge Lock is a magnet that locks to your fridge and alerts your friends when you open the fridge late at night.

Technology Augmented Reality 'Diet Glasses' Could Help You Eat Less

Researchers develop devices that trick the wearer into thinking a plain snack is more appealing or a small snack is bigger.

Home Piers Fawkes: What I Learned From My Week Of Photographing My Diet

Fit or fat? The crowd in the cloud let me know that my perception of my diet differs from the reality.

Innovation Foodzy: New Social Network Awards Badges For Healthy Eating

Want or need to eat healthier? Now you can compare your eating habits to friends' on this latest iteration of a social network.