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Fitness & Sport How The Rio Olympics Stood For More Than Just Games

PSFK rounds out the Rio Games with our picks for the finest moments beyond sports

Advertising Anti-Drug, Interactive Facebook App Recreates Fake Footage From "Last Night"

'Sip It Up', created by BKWLD that hijacks contacts and pictures, and makes novel use of the user's Timeline to dissuade people from drug use.

Technology New Campaign Creates A Kung Fu Movie With Crowdsourced Subtitles

Maggi Fusian Noodles created an interactive campaign that allowed users to create the dialogue for an action flick poking fun at the genre.

Luxury Burberry Takes Over Weather Channel To Livestream London Weather Alerts

The fashion brand is providing all advertising on the Channel's global iPhone and iPad apps, and has placed digital billboards around cities featuring images and updates.

Work Agency Exclusively Uses Instagram To Promote Its New Office

Tribal DDB launched their Israel office without a budget for production or media, instead using the photo sharing site to show people their work and clients.

Retail How Engaging Is Nike's Interactive 180º Video?

'Quick Controls Chaos' allows you to interact with a live-action basketball game, but is there too much stimulation in the ad to process?

Gaming & Play Hyundai Commissions Videos To Showcase The Creative Thought Process

The car company's digital campaign 'New Thinkers Index' brings together actors, musicians and sports personalities.

Advertising VICE Lets You Have Your Say About Their Magazine

The campaign for their online launch asks people to write a one-liner voicing their opinion.

Gaming & Play Gatorade's Branded Content Takes Top Award At ANDY

As further validation of the efficacy of compelling branded content (vs. more traditional forms of media), Gatorade's "Replay" integrated campaign won the Grandy prize at the 2010 International ANDY Awards in New York.

Design Uniqlo's Tweet Show

Uniqlo has launched a digital campaign that integrates your Tweets into a personalized video, complete with Uniqlo's characteristic charm, whimsy, and ultimately - merchandise.

Retail Doc Martens Digital Campaign Reinvents Brand's Punk Past

Dr. Martens is marking its 50th anniversary with a digital campaign that celebrates its musical roots, while connecting with the musical and stylistic preferences of a more contemporary audience.

Technology 4-Way Narrative: HBO's Video Cube Installation

In a move that aims to enhance the storytelling experience, HBO has unveiled a four-panel video installation that offers four different perspectives on the same scene simultaneously.