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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Singapore Airlines Fliers Can Use Digital Wallet To Purchase Goods With Their Air Miles

The airliner's blockchain-based digital wallet lets passengers translate their accrued miles flown into digital currency, which they can then use to purchase real-life goods

Home Cryptocurrency Miner Doubles As A Heater For Your Home

Qarnot is a device that repurposes the waste of digital currency mining for a productive purpose

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Small Chip Makes It Easier For People To Spend Bitcoin In The Real World

With the Flip chip, shoppers can quickly exchange Bitcoin for U.S. dollars and store them in their digital wallet to use at physical retail stores

Retail Blockchain Company Is Working To Build A Digital Stock Market

Blockchain Capital plans to release their own digital token that investors can purchase to invest in startup companies

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Device Makes Digital Currency Feel Tangible

The concept gadget wants you to experience the highs and lows of spending money

Advertising Why Time Inc. and Other Bluechips are Letting Consumers Pay With Bitcoin

One of several large companies to welcome the digital currency of late, the publishing giant hopes to accommodate a wider range of customers

Luxury Will Social Media Posts Become the New Currency?

Multiple trends show a move toward social currency as a legitimate method of payment.

Innovation One Day...Buyers & Sellers Will Use Digital Currency

Stan Stalnaker of Hub Culture dreams of a day when we will revert to a universal and stable digital currency.

Technology Digital Currency Founder On How To Solve The European Debt Crisis [PSFK London]

Founding Director of Hub Culture talks to PSFK about how his digital currency, Ven, merges online and physical world environments.

Technology Bitcoin Debit Card To Launch By The End Of October [Headlines]

By partnering with an international, undisclosed bank the digital currency network is creating a branded card for users.

Partner Content Why Digital Currency Makes Sense For A Global Economy

With an ever-increasing global market, do physical currencies tied to national governments actually hinder trade?

Advertising Jonathan's Card: An Experiment In Digital Currency And Mobile Payments

Will Stark's experiment demonstrate that mobile photos are another form of digital currency - and that photos can in essence be transactional?