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Advertising PurpleList Podcast Episode 5: Pop-Up Magazine Is A Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Experiment In Storytelling

PSFK got an exclusive scoop from Chas Edwards about what we can expect from Pop-Up Magazine's shows in 2017 and beyond

Automotive Nissan Adds Phone Signal Blockers To Select Models To Prevent Distracted Driving

The compartment in the Juke, while optional, urges drivers to disconnect while on the road

Design Phone Designed To Encourage You Not To Use It

Siempo's device has only the essential features to help users keep their focus elsewhere

Work Analog Calendar Keeps Track Of Time Until The Next US Election

Part design concept, part political statement, the Perpetuum Calendar tracks the passage of time without digital aid

Work France Is Giving Busy Workers The 'Right To Disconnect'

A new legal provision requires companies to create protocols that ensure work doesn't spill into after hours or days off

Health Twitter Bot Helps People Take A Break From Social Media

@Tinycarebot is helping people by reminding them to hydrate, take breaks, and even do some stretching as a means of self-care

Historical Masterpieces Updated To Reflect Our Modern Love Of Phones

A designer has inserted mobile devices into classic works of art to bring attention to our technology addictions

Technology WNYC Shares Perspective On the Human Side of Technology [PSFK 2016]

Radio host Manoush Zomorodi asks what happens when we let ourselves space out. See her on stage May 13 at PSFK 2016.

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How Apple, Jawbone, Microsoft and more are defining conventions for the connected life

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Flavorpill Media's Sascha Lewis explores how technology has fit into our lives

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Manoush Zomorodi’s of WNYC’s Bored and Brilliant project asks how unplugging from personal devices can help us achieve better overall balance