digital graffiti

Advertising Florence Is Letting Visitors Draw Digital Graffiti On Its Monuments

Autography allows visitors to the Italian city to leave their mark

Technology Create Wifi Network Graffiti With Simple Digital Hack

F.A.T (Free Art and Technology) and artist/researcher Addie Wagenknecht create a new space for digital civil disobedience.

Design Digital Graffiti Festival Paints The Town Red (And Many Other Colors)

A projection art event brings artists from across the world to showcase their talents on the walls of buildings.

Design (Video) Digital Graffiti Wall

Vancouver-based Tangible Interaction has created an interactive game that lets people "spray" or "stencil" onto a projected display surface using an infrared can.

Advertising Foursquare Graffiti Appears Across College Campuses

As universities digitize the college visit by geotagging points of interest for users navigating via smartphone, many officials are running into issues with those digitally defacing the community space.

Technology Architectural Design Team Concepts Uses For A Wall Of iPads

ClarkeHopkinsClarke is an Australian architectural design team that has drafted a concept interior space featuring a wall of iPads.