digital photography

Design Photographer Inserts Herself Into Historic Moments [Pics]

Flora Borsi places herself into old photos for the 'Time Travel' series, which sees her snapping pics of famous people with a contemporary camera.

Luxury Social Media Spoof Lets Users Brag About Their Fake Lives

Instasham is a platform with hundreds of stock photos that people can choose from to populate their own stream on the popular photo-sharing app.

Home SONY Creates "Real Time" Photo Gallery Show

The electronics giant teams up with three emerging European photographers to capture their respective cities with photos that showed up on the gallery walls as they were taken.

Home Create A Slideshow Of Favorite Instagrams With This Matchbox-Sized Projector

The tiny device makes digital photo sharing a communal experience in the physical world.

Technology Turn Your iPad Into An SLR Camera

New developments in tablet photography let you use a tripod and boost optical effects for your images.

Advertising How Will Instagram Monetize Its Platform?

InstagridNetwork offers a platform to connect brands to influential Instagram users for content creation - and monetization opportunities for avid network participants.

Technology Blurred Photographs Capture New York's Busy & Crowded City Streets [Pics]

The images are included in Bojune Kwon's series 'The Neurosis in the City'.

Design How To Get Your Analogue Photos To Look Like Instagram Filters [Infographic]

A reverse graphic that tells you how to get from digital to analogue film effects.

Design Pocket-Sized Light Field Camera Takes Photos You Can Refocus Later

Lytro creates interactive "living pictures" that capture all the rays of light in a scene.

Technology System Inserts Synthetic Objects Into Existing Photographs [Video]

Kevin Karsch and his research team have proposed a method to realistically render 3D objects into images.

Design Light Painted Animation Makes A Piano Play

Using long exposure photography, Ryan Cashman manipulates light to bring to this animated piano player to life.

Technology Lo-Fi Holga Lenses Let You Hipstamatic Your Digital SLR

In light of our analog obsession in this digital age, Holga created lenses that let you take lo-fi photographs with your digital camera.

Technology #hekje: Dutch Street Artist's Hashtag Project [Pics]

Baschz Leeft's photographs feature a picket fence in the shape of a hashtag symbol in different locations around Rotterdam.

Design Glitch Filter App Plays Russian Roulette With Your iPhone Snaps

Digital photo manipulation eschews retro celebration in favour of raw glitch aesthetic.