Brand Activation & Immersion Disney's augmented reality overlays will soon enhance live theme park rides and sports events

Entertainment giant Disney has filed a patent for an augmented reality device designed to enhance live performances. The device takes the form of an eyeglass that overlays additional information on top of a live scene, improving the viewing experience. The company plans to roll out this technology across event categories from its sports events to theme park rides.

Consumer Goods PSFK Research Paper Launch: Fostering A Diverse And Inclusive Culture In The Workplace

How companies are championing diversity and inclusivity by rethinking the employee experience

Analysis How Retailers Like Disney Are Actively Engaging Customers With Gamified Storytelling

Retail pioneers are linking mixed reality with gaming technology for an actively engaging storytelling experience

Children Disney's Internal Design Tool Helps Retailers Implement Recyclable Packaging

Disney and the Toy Association are aiming to set a new industry standard, releasing a SmartPackaging tool that provides smaller retailers with the resources they need to enable sustainable design

Cafe & Restaurant How Brands Like Cartoon Network Employ Animated Characters To Enrich Consumer Experiences

Brands are adding extra interest to activations and physical locations by bringing animated characters to life

Entertainment How Brands Like Disney Drive Engagement With Playful Marketing

Brands like Google and Levi's are adding AR and other experiential capabilities to children's marketing to drive engagement and enhance the consumer experience

Advertising Disney's Latest Flick Offers Movie-Goers Gamified AR Previews

To help promote its “Ralph Breaks the Internet” movie, Disney is giving its audiences an interactive augmented reality game triggered by a big-screen preview that they can play on their phones

Fashion & Apparel Levi's Offers Exclusive Merchandise To Snapchatters Who Shop Its Disney Store

In a foray into social commerce, a special-edition hat will be available for visitors of the Levi's store at Walt Disney World to purchase via a Snapcode and try on in AR

Retail Interview: How A Storytelling Platform Helps Brands Create Compelling Content For Modern Consumers

In an interview, PSFK speaks with Matt Trotta GM of North America of Playbuzz, an interactive storytelling platform, on consumers' content consumption patterns and how brands can attract an engaged audience

Technology Disney Parks Gamifies Waiting In Line For Its Rides

Play Disney Parks is making waiting in line part of the ride, letting people interact with one another and engage with the ride they're waiting for in augmented reality games

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Snapchat Brings Augmented Reality Content To Theme Parks Worldwide

Snapchat is taking its Lens Studio to Disney, Six Flags/Warner Bros., and Universal Studios parks to create better UGC and immersive experiences for visitors, marshaling the growing popularity of mobile technology to take the guest experience to a new level

Home The Incredibles' Super-Home Is Listed On Zillow

The Easter egg ad uses the real estate marketplace to give viewers a peek inside the world of Pixar's The Incredibles 2

Design Disney Is Creating A VR Jacket For Bodily Immersion

The entertainment company is developing a haptic jacket to provide a more complete embodied experience in virtual reality—such as imitating the feeling of snakes slithering on users

Home Consumers Could Control Their Homes By Tapping On The Wall

Technology from Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research turns walls into interactive surfaces that connect to lights, appliances and other devices