Innovation Remote-Controlled Device Heals Wounds And Dissolves When Finished

Mending cuts, growing bones and delivering drugs are just some uses of this cutting-edge technology.

Innovation Dissolvable Fabric Could Replace Condoms

To better protect against STDs and pregnancy, researchers have created an electrospun cloth loaded with drugs that women can insert directly.

Technology Eco-Friendly Circuit Board Dissolves In Water

Instead of filling landfills with electronic waste, researchers have created electronics that simply disappear when submerged in hot water.

Innovation Soothe A Burnt Tongue With Dissolvable Oral Strips

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed strips containing benzocaine that can be used to relieve pain.

Technology Electronics Dissolve In Water When They’re No Longer Needed

'Transient Electronics' are made of silk and silicon, have many possible applications, and can ‘disappear’ on a pre-set schedule to reduce e-waste.

Design Dissolvable Wrapper Lets You Drink Your Instant Coffee & The Packaging

Revolutionary packaging disappears in water and is also edible.