Innovation Wearable Tech Could Soon Replace SIM Cards & Logins

Portable SIM can securely store multiple credentials, such as IDs and passwords, so it also can be used with PCs and other connected devices.

Innovation Safety Mode Disables Dangerous Texting And Walking

According to one Japanese phone provider, texting while walking is now also a crime.

Technology Glasses Transform Any Paper Surface Into A Touchscreen [Pics]

At Ceatec 2013, NTT DoCoMo shows off new possibilities for computerized glasses.

Technology Make Video Calls Using Lightweight Glasses

Japanese technology company, NTT DOCOMO, shows this and other new research projects which introduce innovative takes on portable technology.

Home Docomo's Garden Sensor

Wireless technology measures and suggests the best possible growing conditions for plants.

Innovation (Video) Using Eye Movement to Control a Mobile Phone

DoCoMo's prototype headphones use eye movements to activate different device functions such as play, pause, volume up/down and track forwarding.

Design Wooden Mobile Phone Prototype Unveiled in Japan

Japanese mobile phone monolith Docomo has developed a mobile phone called the "Touch Wood" built from the excess wood collected during forest thinning.