Dominic Rushe

Features U.S. Youth No Longer Driven By Car Culture

Statistics show Americans under 35 are less likely to own cars, a troubling fact for the motor vehicle industry.

Home Why Warren Buffett Bought Heinz

Buying well-known consumer brands unlikely to be derailed by the digital age may be the key to the billionaire's success.

Syndicated Google Demands Greater Electronic Privacy Protections

The search giant wants stricter rules for the government about how and when they can access people's online data.

Innovation Is There Going To Be A Global Bacon Shortage?

Resulting from drought, farmers are unable to afford soaring feed costs and are cutting back on the production and slaughtering of pigs across Europe and the US.

Gaming & Play Amazon Launches Larger Tablets To Rival iPad

New e-reader unveiled and updated tablets given larger screens in latest move to get a leg up against Apple sales

Design Rise In US Home Sales Has Economists Optimistic [Headlines]

Cheaper mortgage rates and improved job market 'unleash pent-up demand' as economists think the crisis may be easing.

Remembering The Rom-Com Legacy Of Nora Ephron

Oscar-nominated director, screenwriter and producer behind films including When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, dies at age 71.

Luxury Warren Buffett Believes In The Future Of Newspapers

Billionaire investor makes 2nd print news purchase in a year, buying 63 newspapers, and saying he believes small-town publications lend a sense of community.

Advertising Five Reasons Investors May Not Want To Buy Facebook Shares

The sale will likely generate billions, but hidden just beneath the buzz are signs that not all is well for Silicon Valley's star.

Technology What Is CISPA?

Internet privacy advocates warn that Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act will give US unprecedented access.