Brand Activation & Immersion Domino's Lets Pizza Eaters Upload Pics Of Their Pies For Rewards Points

To kick off the Super Bowl weekend, the fast-food chain is encouraging customer engagement by letting app members snap and share photos of the pizza they're enjoying—from anywhere, not just Domino's

Delivery & Logistics Domino's 'Hotspots' Will Deliver Pizza Anywhere Customers Are

In a nod to consumers' rising expectations for on-demand delivery that serves varied need states, the chain's Hotspots program makes it easier for customers to order pizza from places like parks or concerts

Food & Beverage Customers Can Build And Order Their Domino's Pizza Order In AR

The AR Pizza chef tool on the Domino's app lets customers personalize their own pizza virtually in an entertaining yet also functional service that merges visualization with ecommerce

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Domino's Lets Customers Purchase Food Through Snapchat Filter

The fast food chain let people order from its nearby restaurants by creating clickable augmented pizza boxes on the social media platform

Delivery & Logistics Domino's Is Fixing Potholes To Ensure Safe Transport For Pizza

The intrepid pizza chain is offering to patch up bumpy roads to improve customer satisfaction by making sure pies are intact upon arrival

Work Domino's AI Bot Is Answering Store Phones

The pizza chain is implementing voice-enabled artificial intelligence to make ordering easier and free up store employees

Advertising Domino's Dom Juan Helped U.K. Tinder Users Pick Up Valentine's Dates

By swiping right on Dom Juan, users got a string of cheesy pick-up lines to try on Valentine's Day

Packaging & Product Engagement Domino's Now "Insures" Pizza Purchases Against Accidents

The pizza chain is offering to replace your carry-out order in case something terrible happens to it

Automotive Ordering A Pizza Could Help Our Self-Driving Future Take Shape

Ford has partnered with Domino's to test out self-driving delivery vehicles

Gaming & Play Domino's Has Created A Final Fantasy Pizza Package For Fans

Gaming fans in Australia and New Zealand can order the Final Fantasy XIV Pizza & Gaming Bundle from Domino's

Retail How Small-Time Pizzerias Are Using Big Data To Fight Back Against ‘Big Pizza’

Slice is a startup that is building an infrastructure comprised of local pizza joints that’s bigger than the sum of its parts

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Domino's Life Hacks Use IFTTT To Make Delivery Even Easier

Now Domino's customers can have their porch lights automatically turn on when their pizza is near

Food & Beverage Domino's Could Soon Employ Robots To Deliver Pizza

The fast food chain wants to pilot a program to see how effectively they can automate the delivery process

Food & Beverage Domino's Has Launched Their Very Own Wedding Registry

Guests can now give the special gift of pizza