Brand Activation & Immersion Dove Chocolate Improves Job Security For Female Workers In West Africa

As part of a campaign for International Women's Day, the chocolatier's new facility on the Ivory Coast aims to give its primarily female employees greater resources and support

Food & Beverage How Brands Like Dove Are Creating Immersive Flavor Experiences

Retailers like Target, Taste of Home and more are attracting new customers using trendy brand collaborations, immersive experiences and edible activations

Beauty Dove And Dunkin' Donuts Celebrate Modern Women In Joint Campaign

In an unusual partnership aimed at widening their respective consumer bases, the beauty brand and coffee mainstay created a campaign celebrating busy women's use of their dry shampoo and beverages, respectively

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Dove Lets Customers Know That Its Ads Haven't Been Altered

The company is committing to cosmetic transparency by placing a symbol on its marketing materials that lets shoppers know no digital manipulation was involved, helping to promote more realistic standards of beauty

Children Cartoon Network And Dove Team Up To Encourage Body Confidence

The companies partnered to create body-positive cartoons that counter the often unhealthy messaging in media aimed at children

Advertising Dove Produces "Real Beauty" Bottles To Look Like Different Body Types

The beauty brand crated six different bottle shapes as part of its ongoing "Real Beauty" campaign

Fitness & Sport Dove Criticizes The Way Media Talks About Female Athletes

Billboard campaign calls out the media's obsession with commenting on women's appearance

Advertising Kimoji Developer: How Chatbots and Keyboards Are Poised To Change Brand Engagement [FoA SF]

Jonathan Shriftman, Director of Business Development at Snaps, shares how brands can make useful and popular applications for mobile messaging

Work AXE Drops the Bravado, Embraces a More Inclusive Masculinity

This grooming products brand is changing its outdated ways

Advertising Love Your Curls All the More With Dove's Emoji Keyboard

To combat straight-haired biases and the fact that six out of 10 women do not find their curls beautiful, Dove announces Dove Love Your Curls Emojis

Home Dove's Father's Day Ads Feature Insights From Real World Dads

Riding the wave of its viral Real Women advertising campaigns, Dove turns its attention to men.

Retail Swiss Ad Agency Crafts Mannequins After the Disabled [Video]

This touching campaign led a group of physically disabled people to see themselves differently, with the hope that others will too.

Luxury 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Dove sabotages photoshop, Jetblue will offer massages in flights and toilette app vulnerable to be hacked

Advertising Restaurant Rewards Women With High Self-Esteem In Free Meals [Video]

To celebrate International Women's Day, a fast food chain gave food to women who affirmed their own beauty.