Advertising Public Enemy Teams Up With BitTorrent To Release New Single

The rappers have put their latest track on the file sharing website along with instrumentals and vocals to remix it.

Home A Return Again To Disco

While punk lacks contemporary musical relevance, and rock is certainly struggling, disco is resurgent.

Design Studio Features Custom Digital Art For PlayStations [Pics]

Studio Output curates exclusive artwork that can be used as themes to customize the console.

Syndicated Can HMV Survive Digital Music?

Even though the major retailer is in financial hot water, some independent record shops are seeing increased sales. Why?

Technology Google Alters Algorithm To Demote Sites That Break Copyright Laws

Following prolonged lobbying from media and film giants, illegal content sites like Pirate Bay will move further down in search results while legitimate media sites like Hulu will move to the top.

Advertising Which 15 Startups Reached A Million Users The Fastest?

What do successful tech companies have in common when it comes to going viral?

Home Magazine Hosts Sweepstake That Asks Readers To Share Posts From Its iPad App

The Daily W has received 3,500 downloads since the start of the promotion.

Sunday Night Most Popular Time To Download Android Apps [Headlines]

The market celebrated its 10 billionth download on Thursday; the United States ranked fourth in application downloads.

Technology TV Content Can Now Be Tagged With Shazam

Shazam will allow viewers to tag a TV show or commercial to reveal exclusive interactive content.