drexel university

Technology University Vending Machine Dispenses iPads

Drexel University partners with Free Library of Philadelphia to widen student tech options

Innovation University Opens Mobile App Development Lab For Students

A Philadelphian university opens the doors of its newly developed mobile app lab to student researchers.

Technology Program Will Remove Writer's Individual Style From Their Content

Researchers have developed a program that removes authors' literary style, allowing more secure publication of sensitive material.

Work Sensor Keys Make A Piano Sound Like A String Instrument [Video]

Tech-enabled keyboard takes the electronic instrument closer to the quality of physical strings.

Design Skyscraper Transformed Into A Vintage Video Game [Video]

Play Pong on the side of a university building.

Advertising University Vending Machine Lends MacBooks To Students

A school in Philadelphia wants to prevent kids from having to walk home alone at night with expensive technology.

Home Make Sushi Safe Forever With Bacteria-Killing Plasma Torches

Food safety researchers conduct a proof-of-concept study by treating uncooked poultry and other foods.