Retail Chevrolet Drivers Pay For Gas In-Car, Bad Snack Buying Seems Possible

Owners can select their gas pump, receive a code to unlock it and begin to fill up

Advertising Ford Tests A Self-Driving Vehicle By Disguising A Driver As A Car Seat

The study aims to research pedestrian response to communication from the car

Delivery & Logistics UPS Will Be Training Drivers With Virtual Reality Headsets

The modules test students' ability to identify pedestrians, parked cars and other obstacles as a complement to real-world training

Automotive Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Uses Data To Ease Road Congestion

Didi Chuxing is tweaking the timing of connected traffic lights to improve road traffic in a big way

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Samsung's New Auto-Reply Feature Is Made To Prevent Distracted Driving

In-Traffic Reply activates automatically when it detects the user is driving

Entertainment Spotify Is Integrating Music Into GPS Navigation

The music streaming service and Waze have partnered together to allow drivers to listen to music while they're watching the traffic reports of their local area

Automotive Audi And LEGO Exhibit An Autonomous Vehicle Installation

The installation at Design Miami explores the 25th hour, which represents bonus productive work or play time

Health VR Experience Puts Drunk Driving Into Perspective

A video called "Decisions" produced by Diadeo shows the reality of driving while under the influence of alcohol

Automotive Israeli Motorists Can Now Report Bad Drivers Directly To The Police

The new Guardians of the Road program uses technology to help curb the country's increasing amount of fatal car accidents

Advertising Lyft Gives Free Rides To Those Who Have Had Too Much To Drink

Thanks to a new partnership between the ride sharing service and Budweiser, drunk passengers are able to receive free rides

Automotive Slick GPS Navigator Gives Directions To Moped Riders

This small, round device attaches to a sideview mirror to display maps for safer traveling

Automotive Smiling Autonomous Car Acknowledges Pedestrians At Crosswalks

The vehicle concept shows a new approach to creating safer intersections

Technology Carpooling Service Puts Hybrid Spin On Ridesharing Model

By integrating riders as a part of its staffing, the company hopes to discourage car ownership

Automotive Uber Goes Electric To Help Save Energy

To battle pollution and promote environmentalism, the ride-sharing company wants you to opt-out of fuel-powered vehicles