drone delivery

Advertising Japanese Retailer Is Using Drones To Make Deliveries To Fukushima

A drone delivery went to a resident in Miniamisoma, an area that is still recovering from the Fukushima nuclear incident

Delivery & Logistics DelivAir Will Bring Products Directly To People Via Drones

A Cambridge Consultants venture uses GPS and precision optical tracking to deliver packages to recipients even when they're out and about

Health Switzerland Is Deploying A Fleet Of Medical Delivery Drones

A new drone delivery network from Matternet is being implemented in Switzerland to transport urgently needed medical supplies between hospitals

Retail Walmart Is Developing Its Own Plan To Deliver Products By Drone

The retail giant applied for a patent for a floating warehouse that would have drones delivering goods to residences

Cafe & Restaurant Autonomous Drone Makes Its First Deliveries In Iceland

Flytrex has partnered with the largest retail website in the country

Technology Drone Delivery Is Closer Than Ever To Becoming A Reality

A startup service has completed a successful urban delivery in Nevada

Retail Amazon Launches New Dash Buttons, Tripling the Amount of Products Offered

Amazon has expanded its Dash Button portfolio to include fish oils, razors and pita chips

Advertising Google Drones Might Deliver Packages Through Help of Receptacle Buddies

Amazon isn't the only tech giant working on a revolutionary distribution system