Delivery & Logistics Hyundai Department Store Will Offer Shoppers Automated Concierge Service

The retail space will rely on Amazon Web Service (AWS) Korea's cloud computing capabilities to help power an innovative retail experience, including food-delivery drones, in its quest to become the nation's Amazon Go

Advertising Time Magazine Created A Floating Cover Composed Of 958 Drones

For its most recent issue, the magazine steered clear of traditional paper stock and glossy photo sets, instead using Intel tech to feature a story about UAVs with a hovering array of light-show UAVs, shot by UAVs

Entertainment HBO Delivers Free Pizza By Drone To 'Silicon Valley' Fans

The television network promoted the show's new season by dispatching drones to deliver free pies to dedicated viewers

Retail Walmart Could Soon Employ Drones As Shopping Assistants

The inclusion of smart carts and drone shopping assistants show how physical retail evolves to stay relevant in an increasingly e-commerce dominated market

Fashion & Apparel Dolce & Gabbana Uses Drones As Models At Its Fall 2018 Runway Show

The fashion brand flew remote controlled quadcopters at the beginning of their Fall 2018 Runway show to display the new collection's "Fashion Devotion" handbags

Technology How Intel Harnessed 1,218 Drones For The Winter Olympics

The technology company set a record with its massive drone show for the Olympics opening ceremony

Food & Beverage Diners Can Build A Drone Out Of This KFC Chicken Wing Box

Customers in India received chicken wing orders in a box that could be taken apart and reassembled into a drone

Design Voice Control Was King At CES 2018

Voice assistants were in everything at the trade show, suggesting the future is smart—but does anyone actually want to talk to their toilet?

Advertising Watch This Drone Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

The Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone can prep an entire Thanksgiving meal, including dessert

Delivery & Logistics Japanese Retailer Is Using Drones To Make Deliveries To Fukushima

A drone delivery went to a resident in Miniamisoma, an area that is still recovering from the Fukushima nuclear incident

Retail DelivAir Will Bring Products Directly To People Via Drones

A Cambridge Consultants venture uses GPS and precision optical tracking to deliver packages to recipients even when they're out and about

Health Switzerland Is Deploying A Fleet Of Medical Delivery Drones

A new drone delivery network from Matternet is being implemented in Switzerland to transport urgently needed medical supplies between hospitals

Home This Indoor Drone Makes Sure Your Home Is Secure

Aire is a drone designed for indoor use that links to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant technology

Work Fleets Of Drones Could Soon Track Warehouse Inventory

MIT researchers created a system of drones to fly around a warehouse and use RFID to catalogue its inventory for workers