Machine Turns Fog Into Drinking Water

Morocco's dry regions could have a new source of water

Design A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower

Nifty invention makes sure every drop of clear water counts, even if its not warm enough just yet

Work Save Water, Shower With This Pandora Radio Station

The Water Lover's Station plays water-centric tunes that are under five minutes long

Advertising Powder Turns Water Into Gel To Fight Droughts

Agricultural wonder can expand to 500 times it's original size and store water for up to a year.

Home Is There Going To Be A Global Bacon Shortage?

Resulting from drought, farmers are unable to afford soaring feed costs and are cutting back on the production and slaughtering of pigs across Europe and the US.

Syndicated Will Meat On Your Plate Become A Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Extravagance?

Water scarcity and food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists.

Syndicated Can We Finally Blame Extreme Weather On Global Warming?

Wildfires, heatwaves and storms witnessed in the the United States are 'what global warming looks like', say climate scientists.

Technology Digital Platform Raises Money Famine Relief In Africa

A digital project aims to complete 50 projects in 50 days to raise money for aid in East-Africa.

More Than 30 Million Climate Migrants In Asia In 2010, Report Finds [Headlines]

Natural disasters, including flooding and drought, have displaced millions of families.

Innovation There is No Global Water Crisis

A recent book by author Charles Fishman, sheds light on Los Angeles potential fresh-water shortage.

Innovation Creating Drought Resistant Crops

A new chemical could help make plants more stress tolerant.