Analysis Interview: How A CBD Retailer Engages Consumers With A Narrative On Plant-Derived Wellness

Standard Dose provides research-backed resources for its CBD customers, aiming to generate conversation as well as community around its curation of wellness products while setting standards in a yet unregulated space

Fashion & Apparel DSW Soon To Offer Shoppers CBD Products Alongside Footwear

The discount shoe chain is set to carry items that contain CBD oil, attempting to corner the market as a major retailer selling the once-controversial product as laws and perceptions around the substance change

Features Op-Ed: Why Cannabis/CBD Is One Of The Fastest Growing Categories Of Our Lifetime

Jeffrey Hill, CEO of Hill-3 Investments, explains the enormous potential within the cannabis and CBD space, and how increasing understanding of its use across health and fitness industries combined with its financial impact at state and federals is driving its meteoric growth

Beauty Op-Ed: How Will The 2018 Farm Bill Affect The Beauty World?

Cannabis researcher Colleen Quinn on the impact of the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S., which loosens restrictions on hemp usage, on the skincare, wellness and beauty industries, and why securing sustainable, authentic supply chain will become brands' top priority

Health Headspace To Offer Members Prescription-Strength Meditation Programs

The mindfulness app is creating meditation programs that will target and specific mental and physical conditions, pioneering the use of digital healthcare to help people achieve their goals

Retail This Cannabis Company Aims To Make The Drug Mainstream

MedMen is pushing hard for the continued legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana, focusing on the quality and transparency of their products and providing cannabis education

Wellness 5th Ave Weed Dispensary Looked At Target For Retail Inspiration

California-based MedMen brings its chain of sleek cannabis stores to New York City, anticipating future legalization for recreational use

Wellness Video: A Cannabis Wellness Mission Based On History And Science

PSFK looks back at dosist creative director Derek McCarty's keynote on rebranding cannabis at last year's conference before CXI 2018 on May 18

Health How Pharmacies Are Simplifying The Customer Experience

Pharmacy brands are rethinking how design and tech can be used to improve medication adherence and the overall patient experience

Retail Two More U.S. Retailers Add Measures To Fight The Opioid Epidemic

Walmart and Jewel-Osco will start offering solutions to curb opioid addiction and overdose

Beauty Online Startup Personalizes Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Keeps offers a personalized digital shopping experience for men to get individualized treatment plans to prevent hair loss

Design FDA Approves Smart Pills That Digitally Track When Patients Take Their Meds

Abilify MyCite contains a tiny sensor to record the time of ingestion

Advertising Gossamer Is A New Media Brand Dedicated To The Lifestyle Of Cannabis Culture

A new lifestyle magazine focuses the culture of Cannabis and its effects

Packaging & Product Engagement CVS Is Looking To Redesign The Pill Bottle

This system will make it easier for patients to follow instructions